Federal government reportedly wants to centralize vaccine distribution

vaccine distribution
Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello wants to centralize Covid-19 vaccine distribution in Brazil. Photo: Erasmo Salomão/MS

Governor Ronaldo Caiado of Goiás wrote on social media that he heard from Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello that the federal government is preparing to issue a presidential decree to centralize all vaccine distribution and “promote egalitarian distribution.”

According to Mr. Caiado, every dose of coronavirus vaccine produced in (or imported to) Brazil would be requisitioned by the Health Ministry, which would then allocate them to states and municipalities according to its own priorities.

The announcement enraged São Paulo Governor João Doria, who is preparing for his own vaccination campaign in São Paulo, using the Chinese-made CoronaVac, which has been repeatedly criticized by President Jair Bolsonaro. He told cable news channel GloboNews: “Jair Bolsonaro’s insanity was adopted by [Ronaldo] Caiado. Sad is the country with public men like these.”

The Brazilian government has yet to publish a vaccination calendar. It is expected to be released after at least one potential vaccine is approved by regulators.