Brazilian startup creates spray that eliminates coronavirus

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Brazilian startup Visto.Bio, which produces chemicals to clean clothes in an ecological way, has launched an antiseptic spray that is capable of eliminating the coronavirus from surfaces and clothes in 99 percent of lab tests. 

The product was selected by Singularity University as one of the world’s top 5 solutions against the pandemic for improving everyday life. By using the spray, people can avoid washing their clothes everytime they leave the house. 

The startup has announced partnerships with gym chains, shopping malls, and fashion brands. One bottle of the spray costs BRL 150 (USD 29.30).

According to Exame magazine, Visto.Bio sales are now growing 60 percent every month. The company expects to reach BRL 2 million in revenue this year, six times what it earned in 2019. They are also considering a new fundraising round, aiming to raise up to BRL 10 million.

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