⚠️ UPDATE: Covid-19 cases in Brazil reach 100,000 mark

Coronavirus, CONFIRMED infections, per region (9)

The latest coronavirus update released by the Brazilian Health Ministry confirmed 4,588 new cases and 275 deaths in the country over the past 24 hours bringing the total death toll to 7,025. With the latest release, Brazil has now reached 100,000 total infections — becoming the ninth country to surpass the 100,000 case mark.

Following what has become a weekend trend of inaccurate data, Brazil registered a major drop in the number of confirmed infections since yesterday. While the Health Ministry recorded fewer than 5,000 new cases on both Saturday and Sunday, on Friday it had confirmed 6,209. On Thursday, the last business day in Brazil, more than 7,200 new cases were recorded.

Last week, this live blog explained how the drop in the number of confirmed cases on weekends and holidays might prevent the country from assessing the real scale of the crisis.