Unlike other states, only four Covid-19 hospital beds are occupied in Mato Grosso

mato grosso
Mato Grosso Governor Mauro Mendes. Photo: SECOM

While some Brazilian states in the Amazon, Northeast, and Southeast are witnessing the full-scale collapse of their healthcare systems, the Center-West state of Mato Grosso remains relatively untouched. As of last week, only four of the 507 hospital beds reserved for Covid-19 patients in the state were occupied.

The state government has already recommended city halls lift social isolation measures — quarantining only those in high-risk groups, such as senior citizens and people with pre-existing conditions. Until Tuesday, Mato Grosso registered 261 coronavirus infections — just 80 per 1 million inhabitants — and 11 deaths.

The reopening of the economy will be monitored by the local authorities in order to make sure that companies are compliant with new sanitary regulations.