⚠️ UPDATE: Once again, Brazil records 200+ Covid-19 deaths

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For the second straight day, the number of new confirmed Covid-19 deaths in Brazil was north of 200, with the total number of fatalities jumping from 1,532 to 1,736. Confirmed infections now amount to 28,230.

But, as we discussed in the latest episode of our Explaining Brazil podcast, these numbers do not paint the full picture of the outbreak in Brazil. The country has been among those with the smallest amount of tests performed — fewer than 300 per 1 million people. And as even the Health Ministry admits, the real figures of cases and deaths are probably much, much higher. A group of scientists recently estimated over 313,000 infections — 15 times more than official figures.

Still, some trends are worrisome, such as the total amount of deaths growing 84 percent in seven days. Moreover, Covid-19 has gone from being a disease predominantly affecting elderly people to hitting other demographics, as we explained in our April 13 Weekly Report.