Coronavirus fears to create blood bank crisis

blood donors

During a press conference, São Paulo health authorities shed light on a looming health crisis generated by the coronavirus outbreak: out of fear, people have stopped donating blood. The Brazilian Association of Hemotherapy has issued a warning regarding the potential lack of supply of blood for transfusions.

The Brazilian Institute of Cancer Control (IBCC) recorded a 50-percent reduction in the number of donors on Monday. According to the Butantã Institute, the most stocked blood bank in Brazil’s largest city could go “dry” by the end of the week. “Giving blood represents no risk of Covid-19 contamination whatsoever. If a patient is about to take a vaccine, they must only do that after donating,” said IBCC coordinator Dante Langhi.

Hospital beds. São Paulo authorities have declared that the government is scrambling to create 1,400 critical care beds in the near future. Health Secretary Luiz Henrique German said elective surgeries have been suspended in order to avoid an overburdening of the state’s public healthcare system.