Social media influencers shape Brazilian consumption more than anywhere else

Social media influencers consumption
Photo: Shutterstock

Data from the latest Statista Global Consumer Survey shows that social media influencers yield the biggest power over people’s purchasing decisions in Brazil — with almost half of consumers saying they choose a brand or a product based on endorsements from celebrities online.

Influencers’ clout has waned in China since 2019 — when a previous survey was conducted — while it massively increased in Brazil and India, both jumping ahead of the Asian giant as the markets where influencers hold the most sway over consumers.


Brazil has over half a million social media influencers — more than the number of dentists and engineers and on par with the number of doctors. The data comes from market research company Nilsen, which considers an “influencer” as a person with over 10,000 followers that uses his/her social media accounts for advertising.

On average, an influencer can earn BRL 18,000 (USD 3,755) per endorsement, or 15 times the monthly minimum wage.