Brazilian health insurance premiums face biggest hike in 22 years

health insurance premiums hike
Photo: Shutterstock

Brazil’s National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) announced a 15.5-percent premium hike for all individual and family private healthcare plans, effective immediately. The increase is the largest since the ANS adopted its current annual readjustment model.

According to the agency, the premium hike will affect around 8 million private healthcare insurance policyholders. Collective corporate plans were spared from the price adjustment.

The private healthcare sector had complained about rising costs throughout 2021, as demand for health services shot up after a pandemic-induced lull in 2020. In fact, last year, the sharp drop in consumer demand for supplementary health saw premiums cut by 8.19 percent — an unprecedented move.

The sudden rise in prices is likely to lead to dissatisfaction from the population, which is already having to deal with double-digit inflation.