Brazil reinstates pre-pandemic rules for airfare cancelations

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Photo: Seyhan Ahen/Shutterstock

Special rules for altering and canceling flights in Brazil during the pandemic expired on January 1, leaving tourists vulnerable to being left out of pocket in the event of future travel restrictions.

In mid-2020, as countries around the world closed their borders due to Covid-19 fears, Brazil’s federal government issued a decree allowing would-be passengers to reschedule or cancel flights without charges. According to the law subsequently approved by Congress, the alteration of bookings for trips between March 19, 2020, and December 31, 2021, would be exempt from fines, with the amounts initially paid being converted into credit for future trips.

Now, with the expiration of the law, anyone looking to alter or cancel bookings in 2022 will be subject to fees, even if Covid-19 restrictions are reinstated.