Brazilian airport administrators fear collapse

Industry giants say Brazil will have to pour massive amounts of money just to avoid bankruptcies. Still, the government promises airport privatizations

Covid-19 airport
The “new normal”: airports are much less crowded due to the pandemic. Photo: Felipe Menezes/Inframérica

The aviation industry has been one of the worst-hit sectors by the Covid-19 pandemic. Most flights are still grounded, even though airlines have already begun resuming some of their activities. The outlook is bleak: three major Latin American carriers recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the U.S. Airlines have cut over 2,000 jobs and more layoffs are on their way. Companies will not only require massive government stimulus, they also need antitrust watchdogs to authorize mergers that would be otherwise unthinkable in an already heavily-concentrated market. But while the focus so far has been on the carriers’...

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