Supreme Court trial on tourist vaccine mandates interrupted

Supreme Court trial on tourist vaccine mandates interrupted
Photo: Congafree/Shutterstock

Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Nunes Marques asked for more time to analyze whether to impose vaccine requirements on international travelers arriving in Brazil. The trial was set to end on Thursday at 11:59 pm (Brazilian time), but will now remain suspended until next year.

A majority of the court has already agreed with the case’s rapporteur to establish the need for international travelers to present proof of vaccination to border authorities — but exempt Brazilian nationals and foreign residents in the country from the measure. 

With the suspension of the trial, a Saturday injunction instating vaccine mandates will remain valid. Indeed, the temporary order is actually stricter than the decision the court is leaning towards, forcing Brazilian citizens and residents to provide vaccination proof upon return to the country.

Brazilian border officials have demanded proof of vaccination from travelers since December 13, although the rule’s enforcement has been uneven at best, according to statements from people arriving at some of the country’s biggest airports.