Brazil’s Covid inquiry chooses theme for final report: “Never Forget”

report cpi covid
Senators Omar Aziz, the committee’s chairman (standing up) and Renan Calheiros, the rapporteur. Photo: Pedro França/SF/CC-BY 4.0

Senator Renan Calheiros scheduled the presentation of his final report from the Covid inquiry on October 19. A seasoned politician accustomed to being in the spotlight, Mr. Calheiros will ramp up the theatrics for maximum political gain, holding a ceremony to remember the almost 600,000 lives lost in Brazil during the pandemic.

Celebrities and relatives of Covid victims will be invited to an event with the theme “Never Forget.” A memorial for those who died during the pandemic will also be unveiled.

Mr. Calheiros’s report is expected to hold President Jair Bolsonaro personally responsible for Brazil’s astronomical pandemic death toll, as the head of state constantly went against scientific consensus throughout his management of the health crisis, speaking out against lockdowns, vaccines, and mask use — and touting ineffective treatments such as chloroquine.

Mr. Calheiros will recommend that the president be indicted for murder, shamanism, and charlatanism — and is expected to request charges against another 30 people.