Brazilians protest as coronavirus death count tops 500,000 mark

Hundreds of cities held protests against Jair Bolsonaro, with demonstrators saying the dangers of keeping him in office outweigh those of exposing themselves to the virus

Brazilians protest protests coronavirus death count tops 500,000 mark
Anti-Bolsonaro crowds in São Paulo’s Paulista Avenue. Photo: Elineudo Meira/FP

On the day Brazil reached the milestone of 500,000 coronavirus deaths, hundreds of thousands took to the streets to protest against President Jair Bolsonaro, whose leadership they blame for the pandemic debacle. Demonstrations against the government were registered in at least 438 cities across all Brazilian states — and in multiple foreign cities. 

This is the second round of street protests in a month, as citizens shift from expressing their outrage on social media — and from their windows — to street demonstrations calling for Bolsonaro’s ousting.

“The coronavirus has killed more in Brazil than the atomic bomb...

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