PAHO: “until everybody has vaccines, we need urgent health protocols”

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Photo: Penofoto/Shutterstock

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said on Thursday that the recent peak of infections in several Latin American countries call for “stricter measures,” especially as rollouts of vaccines in the region have been uneven. 

According to PAHO director Carisse Etienne, the organization urges countries to strengthen public health measures in places with high transmission, which is “the most effective way to reduce cases until we have enough vaccines for everyone.” 

As of June 11, Latin America and the Caribbean — home to more than 642 million people — is in the possession of 31 doses per 100 inhabitants, below the world average of 33. The region also reports over 34.8 million cases and more than 1.2 million coronavirus deaths as of today. 

“We are in a region where cases are increasing, hospitals are crowded, and variants are circulating quickly,” Ms. Etienne said.