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Mercosur’s trade quarrels grow deeper and deeper

Uruguay's push for liberalizing trade barriers deepens the gulf between member countries. The mood in the bloc has never been this bad, sources tell The Brazilian Report

mercosur summit
The latest Mercosur Summit, in Paraguay, was marred by the bloc’s disagreements. Photo: MRE Paraguay

Mercosur, the trade alliance between Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, was officially launched as a free-trade zone in March 1991 but never took off due to the deep imbalances between its member states. This week, a summit in Asunción marred by absences and political tension was further proof of the group’s inability to march in a single direction.

With Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro giving the event a miss, neighbors Argentina and Uruguay were left to bicker over the direction they believe Mercosur should take from here on out.

One of the main tenets of Mercosur’s statute...

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