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Eight years ago, 43 Mexican students vanished. Now, the plot thickens further

Independent investigators have revealed new evidence that demolishes an official narrative that was sustained for years

mexican students vanished 43 Ayotzinapa
Mothers of missing students during a demonstration in Mexico City. Photo: Guillermo G/Shutterstock

Ravaged by a violent land-and-power war between drug cartels, Mexico is close to hitting the tragic milestone of 100,000 people officially registered missing or forcibly disappeared – figures that, together with the narco war itself, have been increasing daily since 1964, according to official data. Among this long list of civilians are 43 college students who disappeared in 2014 in the Mexican state of Guerrero, earning them the moniker the “43 from Ayotzinapa,” after the all-male Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College where they studied.

The shocking case has become one of the most controversial criminal and political soap...

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