Avocado farming causing earthquakes and violence in Mexico

Mexico's huge avocado industry is leading to environmental degradation and bloody clashes as cartels try to control production chains

Avocado farming causing earthquakes and violence in Mexico
Avocado harvest season in Mexico. Photo: Ana Rocio GF/Shutterstock

According to archeological evidence, people have been eating avocados in Mexico for at least 10,000 years. And the country is still very much partial to the fruits, whether served sliced on a taco, or mashed into guacamole. Indeed, Mexico is responsible for roughly one-third of the world’s avocado production, growing 2.2 million tons in 2018 alone. 

But the country’s avocado industry has caused some unexpected problems, from cartel-related violence to earthquakes.

The alert was raised by the World Economic Forum (WEF), in a report pointing out an anomalous peak of seismic shocks in Michoacán during several periods of 2020....

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