Brazil’s indigenous handed a “death sentence” with new mining bill

A series of administrative changes and a new proposal to legalize mining and farming on protected reserves has left Brazil's indigenous communities more vulnerable than ever

Brazil's indigenous handed a "death sentence" with new mining bill
Photo: N. Antoine/Shutterstock

In the process of producing a series of articles last year on the continued loosening of protections for indigenous communities in Brazil, the intensification of deforestation in the Amazon Basin, and the Jair Bolsonaro government’s verbal attacks on traditional populations, The Brazilian Report consistently heard the same prognosis from indigenous specialists, environmentalists, and political analysts: that the worst was still to come. Indeed, the dismantling of environmental protection agencies is continuing, and a new bill to permit mining activities on indigenous lands has been called a “death sentence” for traditional populations.

The legislative proposal submitted by the Jair...

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