Brazilian government finally tries to track and trace

. Sep 08, 2020
Brazilian government finally tries to track and trace Image: Lakshmiprasada S/Shutterstock

Over six months after the coronavirus arrived in Brazil, the government finally transferred money (BRL 369.7 million) to municipalities to track and monitor their health workers for signs of Covid-19. The new screening process will involve seeking out infected contacts for the early identification of the coronavirus so that the authorities can isolate these individuals and slow down the transmission chain.

The new track-and-trace process will be conducted not only by doctors and nurses, but also by other workers in associated fields such as dentists, veterinarians, fitness specialists, and social workers.

The money set aside for trace and trace will be deposited in municipal coffers via a single installment in October. The money should cover costs for the rest of the year. While there is no requirement for municipalities to join this new initiative, they would otherwise need to return the money by the end of the year.

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Benjamin Fogel

Benjamin Fogel is a Ph.D. candidate in Latin American History at New York University and a Contributing Editor to Jacobin Magazine.

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