Explaining Brazil #122: Six months of the coronavirus in Latin America

Coronavirus got to Latin America six months ago, and the region quickly became the world's epicenter. How have things gotten so bad?

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We don’t know exactly when the coronavirus began infecting people in Latin America. 

Some researchers say that Sars-CoV-2 might have been circulating in Brazil as early as January, while one preliminary study suggested the virus may even have been present in the country back in November 2019. But the first confirmed Covid-19 infection happened exactly six months ago, when a 61-year-old man tested positive in São Paulo.

Half a year later, Latin America is the global epicenter of the pandemic — with five of the region’s countries among the top 10 worst-hit nations in the world. So far, 6.7 million cases have been confirmed south of the Rio Grande, along with over 260,000 deaths.

How things have gotten so out of control? 

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On this episode:

  • Lucas Berti covers international affairs — specialized in Latin American politics and markets.
  • Aline Gatto Boueri is a data journalist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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