⚠️ UPDATE: 3,417 infections, 92 deaths

. Mar 27, 2020
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Between March 25 and 26, Brazil had its worst 24 hours since the coronavirus first appeared in the country — with the highest number of infections and deaths in a single day. Today, however, this record of daily confirmed infections was beaten again, with 502 newly identified patients, bringing the total up to 3,417.

According to data from the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University, Brazil has the 18th highest number of infections in the world — still far behind the U.S., which inches closer to 100,000 cases. So far, the coronavirus death toll is at 92 people, meaning its lethality rate from confirmed cases is 2.7 percent.

However, limited testing and challenges in assigning causes of death mean that the number of confirmed Covid-19 deaths in Brazil may not be accurate.

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Gustavo Ribeiro

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