Trick or treat?

It’s Halloween in Brazil.

Well, these days it seems that Brazilians feel stuck in a nightmare every day, no matter the date. What scares you the most? A bogeyman made of burning rainforests? The Sandman, covered in spilled crude oil? The dysfunctionality of a country’s institutions?

Boo! ??️?️.

Brazilian Halloween! Related topics:

The Rio civil police arrested four people on Thursday morning, all of whom are connected to retired military policeman Ronnie Lessa, arrested the assassination of left-wing Rio de Janeiro City Councillor Marielle Franco.

Until his arrest, Ronnie Lessa and his wife Elaine lived in the Vivendas da Barra gated community in the upmarket Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca, where one of their neighbors was Jair Bolsonaro himself.

The question of who ordered Marielle Franco’s assassination remains unsolved, for now, but Thursday’s arrests seek to probe deeper into the lives of the three men charged with the murder.

Yesterday morning, civil police arrested Elaine de Figueiredo Lessa (the wife of Ronnie Lessa), her brother Bruno Figueiredo, Márcio “Márcio Gordo” Montavano, and Josinaldo “Djaca” Freitas. The quartet are suspected of disposing of the murder weapon, an HK MP5 submachine gun which belonged to Ronnie Lessa.

According to public prosecutors, this “disposal” was orchestrated by Mrs. Lessa, one day after the arrest of her husband. The latter three men allegedly entered an apartment owned by Mr. Lessa, removed a large box of weapons, and dumped them near the Tijuca Islands, off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.