Candidates for 2022 must address Brazil’s energy crisis

This year's water crisis has laid much of the country's energy vulnerabilities bare, and the electricity sector is adamant that the 2022 election campaign must contain a broad debate on the industry's future

energy 2022 candidates
Power lines next to the massive Itaipu Dam, along the Paraguayan border. Photo: Junior Braz/Shutterstock

Until very recently, Brazil’s energy sector was on the verge of collapse. The most severe water crisis in 90 years threatened to impose electricity rationing on Brazil’s citizens — a nightmare scenario for a government seeking re-election in 2022. The scare shook the administration into action, taking measures that only resulted in sky-high energy bills for consumers.

Thankfully, the country appears to have been saved from catastrophe by a recent uptick in rainfall in regions that are home to Brazil’s most important hydroelectric reservoirs. Power rationing no longer appears to be likely — but only for the time being,...

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