Sergio Moro all but launches presidential bid for 2022

The former anti-corruption judge-turned-politician talked about "fighting for Brazil" and "renewing the country's leadership" as he joined the center-right Podemos party

moro president 2022
Sergio Moro is expected to run for president next year. Photo: Mateus Bonomi/Agif/Folhapress

One and a half years ago, Sergio Moro called a press conference that rocked Brazilian politics. Once held up as a “superminister” in President Jair Bolsonaro’s cabinet, he announced his resignation from his post as Justice Minister, accusing the head of state of trying to tamper with federal probes. His acrimonious exit sparked a crisis within the administration and threatened its very political viability — throwing Mr. Bolsonaro into the arms of the “Big Center,” a group of mildly conservative rentier parties he vowed never to get in bed with.

Now, less than a year before the 2022...

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