The show must not go on for Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival

The world's most iconic carnival destination has definitively canceled its 2021 celebrations, causing huge losses to multiple sectors

The show must not go on for Rio de Janeiro's Carnival
Rio de Janeiro has canceled carnival celebrations this year. Photo: T photography/Shutterstock

Symbolizing a final period of festivity before the Christian season of Lent, this year’s carnival celebrations in Brazil and around the world were originally scheduled to take place between February 13 and 16. However, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of Brazil’s big carnival destinations have suspended their celebrations. Some have pushed the festival back until the middle of the year, while others are hesitant to schedule a new date until vaccination coverage in Brazil reaches a satisfactory level.

In the case of Rio de Janeiro, home to the world’s most famous carnival parades which attract millions of...

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