Brazil’s gig economy: a look under the hood

A think tank recently rated working conditions offered by platforms in Brazil to their so-called "partners." None made the cut

gig workers brazil
Gig workers during a 2020 protest for better pay. Little has improved since. Photo: Casuli/Shutterstock

The pandemic shed light on an oft-overlooked part of the economy: gig workers. When social restrictions were introduced back in 2020, consumers began to order food and buy their goods online more frequently. Delivery apps quickly became the country’s biggest job-creating industry — bringing to attention some of its problems. In June of that year, gig workers called for a one-day strike to raise awareness of their working conditions.

In two years, little has changed. According to the Fairwork Brazil report, launched this week, none of the main gig-economy apps provide their workers with the bare minimum in...

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