Tech Roundup: SpaceX launches first satellite by a Brazilian startup

The Brazilian Pion-BR1 satellite was sent into space this week, developed for less than USD 100,000 on the outskirts of São Paulo

rocket SpaceX launch. Photo: ORBCOMM/Flickr
SpaceX launch. Photo: ORBCOMM/Flickr

This week. SpaceX launches first satellite produced by a Brazilian startup. Explosion of Covid-19 cases overwhelms telemedicine in Brazil. ICT sector boosts Brazil’s service economy.

SpaceX teams up with Brazilian startup

SpaceX launched another one of its Falcon 9 rockets on Thursday afternoon from Cape Canaveral. This time around, however, the launch held special significance for Brazil. The rocket is taking with it the first satellite entirely developed by a Brazilian startup to be launched into orbit.

“PocketQube.” Called Transporter 3, the SpaceX mission will take 105 small satellites from various customers around the world into space, including the...

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