Government celebrates 5G auction, but challenges remains

The Bolsonaro government is all smiles after selling off its 5G frequency bands, but there are concerns about coverage in schools and potentially widening the digital inequality

5g auction
Communications Minister Fábio Faria was happy with the 5G auction’s outcome. Photo: José Cruz/ABr

Brazil’s federal government has considered the long-awaited auction of 5G frequencies a success. After selling 44 operating licenses to 11 companies in two days, the government raised BRL 46.7 billion (USD 8.46 billion) in premiums and investment pledges. According to the official timetable, Brazil could have 5G operational in its main cities by no later than July 2022, although full implementation across the country will take several years.

While Communications Minister Fábio Faria labeled the auction “a resounding success” that “exceeded expectations,” there were some aspects about it that were less than stellar. 

One is that only BRL 3.2...

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