The need for accessibility startups in Latin America

Latin America's big cities are congested, polluted, and difficult to maneuver for people with disabilities. Entrepreneurs eye a solution

The need for accessibility startups in Latin America
Image: LemonJelly/Shutterstock

One of the central tenets of modern entrepreneurship is idealizing projects, services, or businesses that can make a difference in people’s daily routine. And in Latin America’s crowded big cities, filled with problems related to congestion, pollution, and infrastructure, these innovative ventures find fertile ground. 

It was in this context that Matías Lodoño, a 31-year-old entrepreneur from Colombia’s second-largest city Medellín, created M.A.T.T., a startup creating jobs for people with disabilities.

With its full name of “Movilidad, Accesibilidad, Tiempo, Trabajo” (Mobility, Accessibility, Time, Work), the company began with the idea of creating electric wheelchairs before expanding into providing...

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