Huawei continues to expand in Brazil despite fears of 5G ban

The Chinese tech giant is seeking to increase its footprint in the Brazilian telecom market to make a 5G auction ban virtually impossible

huawei 5g farms
Image: Solveig Been/Shutterstock

As the Jair Bolsonaro administration reaches its halfway point, one major question remains unanswered: will Chinese giant Huawei be banned from next year’s 5G auction in Brazil? The question is pivotal for Beijing’s international plans, and while the Brazilian government has yet to take a definitive stance on the issue, the company continues to go about its business — trying to increase its footprint in the local telecom market to a point where a ban would be virtually impossible.

As fellow Brasília correspondent Débora Álvares showed, the Chinese firm has nurtured strong relationships in Congress – notably with...

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