All-in-one technology to bring 4G to Brazil’s far-flung rural areas

Equipment developed by the Inatel telecommunications institute broadens the range of options for private 4G networks in remote areas

All-in-one technology to bring 4G to Brazil's far-flung rural areas
Image: Ekkamai Chaikanta/Shutterstock

Brazil’s National Telecommunications Institute (Inatel), a research and education center in the field of engineering, put the finishing touches on an innovative radio communication apparatus back in April. LTE Network-in-a-Box is capable of supporting private wireless networks in remote areas, using the Long Term Evolution (LTE) communication standard, better known as 4G.

These wireless networks allow for the transmission of data and voice, facilitating the connection of machinery and equipment and the digital transformation of various areas of business, such as agricultural production, sugar and ethanol plants, miners, energy concessionaires, and oil and gas infrastructure companies. Even public security...

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