Feb 20, 2020
As our columnist Daniel Buarque wrote this week, the year in Brazil only properly begins after the Carnival holidays. The four-day period of colorful street parties takes over the nation, putting Brazil in the same rhythm. In a country...

OpinionFeb 19, 2020

The downside to Brazil being the Country of Carnival

The annual celebrations to be held this...

PowerDec 18, 2019

Bolsonaro year 1: Foreign policy

Brazil’s foreign policy under Jair Bolsonaro has put “America...

TourismSep 28, 2019

Holambra: the Dutchest city in Brazil

On the flat highway heading north-west out of the...
Brazil tourism board doesn't cater to foreigners

Tourism Sep 12, 2019

Brazil’s tourism board doesn’t cater to foreigners

A new program announced by the Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur) has sparked criticism that the country’s tourism promotion platform is being directed at Brazilians,...
Brazil visit and love us Embratur country branding

Opinion Aug 27, 2019

Brazil’s country branding has a long history of failure

Last month, the Brazilian tourism board (Embratur) unveiled its new branding campaign to attract foreign tourists to the country. “Brazil, visit and love us”...
New Year celebrations at Copacabana Beach

Tourism Aug 18, 2019

Spending New Year in Brazil? You should book now

Brazil’s New Year celebrations are world-famous. In coastal towns, beaches are covered with throngs of revelers and fireworks light up the sky. Not surprisingly,...
Winter tourism destinations for when Brazil gets chilly Historic City Center of Campos do Jordão at night

Tourism Jul 25, 2019

Winter tourism destinations for when Brazil gets chilly

The image of Brazil abroad is incompatible with the notion of winter. Most tourists come expecting to lay back on a beach with a...
brazil plan boost tourism

Tourism May 21, 2019

Brazil’s plan to double tourists in three years

For people around the world, Brazil conjures up images of the exotic, the exuberant, and the exciting. You would be hard pressed to find...

Newsletters May 20, 2019

Will Bolsonaro be able to regain support in Congress?

Good morning! Brazilian Central Bank to intervene in currency depreciation. Will Bolsonaro be able to regain support in Congress? Income inequality rises for the...
Despite Bolsonaro, Brazil is one of the world's top LGBTQ tourism destinations

Tourism May 17, 2019

Despite Bolsonaro, Brazil is one of the world’s top LGBTQ tourism destinations

“Brazil can’t be the country of gay tourism,” said President Jair Bolsonaro during a meeting with journalists last month. “We have families here.” Well,...
first steps bolsonaro government

Brazil Daily May 06, 2019

The risk of a government shutdown in Brazil

Good morning! With little money to spare, the government could face a shutdown soon. Breaking down Jair Bolsonaro’s TV interview. Rising tensions between U.S.,...

Tourism May 05, 2019

Ayahuasca puts Brazil on the shamanic tourism map

When 23-year-old Matheus dos Reis Lima started looking for a vacation spot two years ago, he decided he would bring home something more than...
tourism, one of the best beaches in Fernando de Noronha

Tourism Apr 28, 2019

Eco-luxury tourism blossoms in Brazil, but the model still needs to find its way

Brazil is already known for its natural beauty, but now it seems the tourism industry wants to put a luxury twist on its most...
Brazilian music festivals you should know about

Tourism Apr 21, 2019

Brazilian music festivals you should know about

In 1985, the image of an enormous crowd singing “Love of My Life” to an emotional Freddie Mercury during the first Rock in Rio...

Brazil Daily Apr 15, 2019

Are markets bailing on Brazil?

Good morning. In today’s issue: Are markets bailing on Brazil? Congresswoman asks for police protection from Tourism Minister. Financial aid program for states could...
são paulo skyline short-term rentals brazil airbnb

Business Mar 25, 2019

Short-term rentals spark GDP boost in Brazil. And tax disputes

When traveling to San Francisco in 2013, historian Ana Paula Gaspar had her first contact with short-term rental app Airbnb, as a guest. Keen...

Tourism Mar 18, 2019

Will visa exemptions really boost tourism in Brazil?

As President Jair Bolsonaro prepares to meet with his American counterpart Donald Trump, Brazil has decided to lift visa requirements for citizens from the...
When money goes to waste: pollution in Brazilian beaches

Business Mar 10, 2019

When money goes to waste: pollution in Brazilian beaches

If Pedro Alvares Cabral, the Portuguese navigator who landed Brazil in 1500, could see some of the country’s beaches in 2019, maybe he wouldn’t...
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