Dec 19, 2019
In 2016, it seemed as if Rio de Janeiro was turning a corner. Hosting the Olympic Games, just two years after lending its legendary Maracanã stadium as the stage for the football World Cup final, there was a hope...

PodcastDec 11, 2019

Explaining Brazil #89: Some humans still own other humans

Signed in May 1888, imperial law number 3,353 is...

SocietyNov 28, 2019

The face of modern slavery in Brazil

Brazil was the last country in the West to...

Brazil DailyNov 20, 2019

The Maia game for 2022

Good morning! We’re covering the latest move by Speaker...
The spending and saving habits of Brazil's rich and poor

Business Nov 11, 2019

The spending and saving habits of Brazil’s rich and poor

In an interview with newspaper Folha de S.Paulo last Sunday, Economy Minister Paulo Guedes heaped praise on his own economic plans and said he’d...
Brazil by the Numbers oil bolsonaro energy bhp country risk marielle poverty rio currency amazon paraisópolis xp 2019 inflation nazi imf coronavirus carnival

Society Nov 09, 2019

Numbers of the week: Nov. 9, 2019

This is Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest of the most interesting figures tucked inside the latest news about Brazil. Random numbers that...
extreme poverty brazil

Society Nov 07, 2019

Brazil’s crisis dragged 4.5 million into extreme poverty

In the week of the federal government announcing a series of measures to overhaul the Brazilian state, figures from the country’s institute of geography...
Historic oil auction is a flop

Brazil Daily Nov 07, 2019

Brazil’s historic oil auction is a flop

Good morning! We’re covering how Brazil’s massive oil auction flopped. The rise of extreme poverty in Brazil. And the trial of the year finally...
Bolsonaro northeast economy

Power Oct 17, 2019

Economic measures hope to plant Bolsonaro’s flag in the Northeast

When Brazil’s new ultra-reformist, ultra-liberal Economy Ministry took charge in January, many analysts correctly pointed out that much of the effects of its economic...
Brazil's inequality never grew so much, so fast

Brazil Weekly Aug 17, 2019

Brazil’s inequality never grew so much, so fast

Hello! You are reading The Brazilian Report‘s Weekly Report. In this issue: How Brazil’s inequality has grown in recent years. Latin American currencies losing...
Minimum changes to the minimum wage

Brazil Daily Aug 09, 2019

Minimum changes to the minimum wage

Good morning! No real gains to the minimum wage. Petrobras continues divestments (but is now under investigation). Brazilians are regaining trust in democratic institutions....
How hunger and obesity coexist in Brazil

Society Jul 28, 2019

How hunger and obesity coexist in Brazil

Despite being one of the world’s major food producers, Brazil experiences an unsettling paradox: the country is both underfed and overfed. Obesity levels are...
The rebirth of the Brazilian cocoa industry

Business Jun 16, 2019

The rebirth of the Brazilian cocoa industry

“Weeks ago, a farmer who was once rich sought out a friend, also a cocoa producer, to discuss a delicate matter. ‘I need some...
bolsonaro northeast bolsa familia

Power Apr 11, 2019

Can Bolsonaro “steal” the Northeast from Lula?

The Brazilian Northeast has been impermeable to Jair Bolsonaro’s coarse charm. The region gave him only 30 percent of the votes in the 2018...

Brazil Daily Apr 05, 2019

The future of Avianca Airlines in Brazil

Good morning. Brazil has gotten —and will continue to get— poorer. Bolsonaro’s political woes. The future of Avianca Airlines in Brazil. Brazil has gotten...
World Bank report takes shine off Brazil's Golden Decade poverty

Society Apr 05, 2019

World Bank report takes shine off Brazil’s Golden Decade

A recent World Bank report has shone a light on the variations in poverty rates across Latin America since the early 2000s, making for...
brazil venezuela

Power Feb 22, 2019

Venezuela border tensions will test Jair Bolsonaro’s diplomacy

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro has closed his country’s border with Brazil in an effort to prevent opposition-sponsored humanitarian aid from reaching Venezuela. The Brazilian...
wealth gdp per capita brazil

Society Nov 27, 2018

The wealth and life expectancy of Brazilian states, mapped

There is a general understanding that since the start of the millennium, Brazilians are living longer and earning more. However, in a country so...
oxfam Recession made Brazil poorer, more unequal

Business Nov 26, 2018

Recession made Brazil poorer, more unequal

Brazil has always been haunted by obscene levels of inequality. Over the past four decades, however, things slowly improved, as shown by the country’s...
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