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SPECIAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2021: a make-or-break year?

LAUNCHED in Jan.2021/ Preview here.The year of 2020 was, without a doubt, a trying year for the world — particularly for developing nations. Brazil was slowly climbing its way out of its worst recession on record, only to find itself thrown into an even bigger hole as the pandemic took hold. The coronavirus pandemic is far from being over, and 2021 will be a key year for the country. In a new 42-page illustrated report, we give a broad outlook on Brazil. Each section includes important data, presented in charts and graphs.We explain why.

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LAUNCHED in April 14/  Preview here. The year 2021 is only a quarter of the way through — and it has already been a complete rollercoaster for Brazil. Thousands of Brazilians are dying every day as the pandemic reached its most deadly point yet, while vaccination has been sluggish. Political tensions and economic anxieties run high. In our brand-new 52-page report, we break down everything you need to know from Q1 2021 and provide important insights going forward. With charts, graphs, analysis, and exclusive interviews with leading Brazilian experts, this is the definitive guide on what is going on in Brazil, and what is on the horizon.


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This is a special series of articles on Brazil's public service reform, originally published on our website in September 2020 and now compiled into a handy eBook. A reform has been discussed for decades and now it is finally set to be debated in Congress. But will it pass? And, more importantly, if it does, what will change? Inside this 13-page eBook: Everything you need to know about the government's administrative reform; Brazil's billion-dollar public service industry; Some of Brazil's most bizarre and obsolete public jobs; Will the administrative reform pass in Congress?