Brazilians feel poorer. And that’s because they are

A combination of economic factors has led citizens across the board to feel less well-off than they were a short time ago. And the numbers corroborate this perception

Brazilians feel poorer
The homeless population in Sé Square, in the heart of São Paulo, has increased dramatically. Photo: Tuca Vieira/Folhapress

Last week, I published my most engaged-with tweet in all my years of social media. It simply read, “Guys, do you feel like you’ve gotten poorer, too?”

The tweet reached more than 2 million users and had tens of thousands of likes, replies, and shares. I took that as a hint that, yes, Brazilians are feeling poorer.

“I went to the supermarket today and felt like I’ve gotten poorer since the last time I went to the shops,” replied one user. “In 2016, I was unemployed, and even then I didn’t have as much [financial] trouble as I do...

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