A year and a half of closed schools will harm kids. And the economy

The effects of one of the world’s longest pandemic-driven school closures will be felt over the coming years

school closures
School closed in Ponta Grossa, southern Brazil. Photo: SMaggi/Shutterstock

After a year and a half of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil, many schools are finally restarting classes, now more confident in the progress of vaccination in the country. By November 1, in-person teaching had already recommenced in state-level public schools in 13 states, including São Paulo, Amazonas, and Bahia. This trend has also been followed by public and private municipal schools around the country. 

However, the time elapsed without in-person teaching – one of the longest such periods in the world – will cost Brazil dearly. The consequences will be felt in education and income inequality, the labor market, and...

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