Border blockage in northern Brazil causes shortages in Guyana

In protest against Covid restrictions on crossing into Guyana, residents of a Brazilian border town are blocking roads — and creating havoc

guyana brazil border
Blocked road along the Brazil-Guyana border. Photo provided by our source

A three-week-long sit-in protest in the town of Bonfim — a small municipality in Brazil’s northernmost state of Roraima — is causing a crisis with neighboring country Guyana. Demonstrators demand the reopening of borders for Brazilian tourists and merchants. Since the pandemic began, only cargo trucks have been able to enter the Guyanese city of Lethem, currently closed off by protestors.

The blockade is directly affecting Lethem’s supply of provisions

According to Brazilian customs authorities, around 200 trucks cross the border at Bonfim every month, transporting food, footwear, auto parts, and construction materials into Guyana. Due to Covid restrictions...

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