Brazil reaches 250,000 coronavirus deaths as pandemic worsens

One day before the one-year anniversary of the first coronavirus infection, Brazil reached the staggering mark of 250,000 confirmed deaths

Two days before the first coronavirus infection one-year anniversary, Brazil reached the staggering mark of 250,000 confirmed deaths.

Brazil reached a staggering milestone on Wednesday, surpassing 250,000 confirmed coronavirus-related deaths in a pandemic that has lasted for a year — almost to the day. The country’s death toll trails only that of the U.S., but experts agree Brazil’s real tallies are much higher. Reduced testing and a lack of contact tracing have prevented the country from accurately assessing the scope of the sanitary catastrophe.

Worse than the number of known deaths is that Brazil still cannot see a way out of the crisis. 

New variants have spread at an unprecedented pace around the country, forcing states to...

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