Big Brazilian cities paying the price after New Year coronavirus breaches

A large part of the population ignored coronavirus restrictions to celebrate the holidays as normal — now the time has come to pay the piper

coronavirus holidays brazil second wave
Florianópolis: many Brazilians celebrated the holidays disregarding restrictions. We now see the results. Photo: Leandro Reichert/Shutterstock

On Monday morning, the streets of Belo Horizonte lay quiet as one of Brazil’s biggest cities entered its third coronavirus lockdown since the beginning of the pandemic. Only essential businesses are allowed to open and the measure will remain in place indefinitely, as the city experiences a worrying surge in Covid-19 cases. Indeed, this scenario is set to repeat in major urban centers across Brazil.

Despite cancellations and tighter restrictions in almost every Brazilian city, a large part of the population paid no heed to the warnings and enjoyed their end-of-year holidays as normal.

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