What is it like to be a domestic worker in Brazil?

Despite Economy Minister Paulo Guedes' comments, domestic workers in Brazil weren't "going to Disneyland" during the 2010s and the profession lays bare a number of cultural inequalities in the country

domestic labor brazil
Scene from the movie “Domésticas” (2001)

“Having the exchange rate at BRL 1.80 [to the dollar] doesn’t exist. […] Everyone was going to Disneyland, maids were going to Disneyland, a huge party.” Despite having an opportunity to explain how the positive low-interest rate scenario in Brazil, causing changes to foreign exchange rates, could actually be beneficial for the country, Economy Minister Paulo Guedes stuck his foot in his mouth once again. While angering poorer social strata and exposing the class prejudice held by many of Brazil’s financial elites, Mr. Guedes’ unfortunate comments also shed light on a lingering phenomenon in the country: how domestic work is...

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