Your country might be the size of a Brazilian state

. Nov 22, 2018
how big brazil is

We at The Brazilian Report do not tire of saying that Brazil is the size of a continent. All the countries of the European Union could fit inside Brazil’s borders twice over. Combined, Brazil’s 27 states are bigger than the contiguous United States.

By themselves, Brazil’s states are larger than some major countries. France and Spain, for example, two of the largest countries in Europe, are roughly the size of neighboring states Bahia and Minas Gerais, respectively. Portugal, the former colonial rulers of the country, could fit its entire land area inside the northeastern state of Pernambuco. The United Kingdom? Well, it fits inside the state of São Paulo, which is only Brazil’s 12th largest state.

To help illustrate the sheer size of Brazil, the largest country in the Southern Hemisphere and fifth-largest country in the world, we at The Brazilian Report have put together a fun infographic comparing the area of all 27 states with different nations around the globe. Even the small states in Brazil’s Northeast are comparable in size to entire sovereign countries.

Brazilian states, ordered by size

  • Amazonas: 1570.7 square kilometers
  • Pará: 1247.6 sq-km
  • Mato Grosso: 903.3 sq-km
  • Minas Gerais: 587.5 sq-km
  • Bahia: 564.6 sq-km
  • Mato Grosso do Sul: 357.1 sq-km
  • Goiás: 340.0 sq-km
  • Maranhão: 332.0 sq-km
  • Rio Grande do Sul: 281.7 sq-km
  • Tocantins: 277.6 sq-km
  • Piauí: 251.5 sq-km
  • São Paulo: 248.2 sq-km
  • Rondônia: 237.5 sq-km
  • Roraima: 224.2 sq-km
  • Paraná: 199.3 sq-km
  • Acre: 152.5 sq-km
  • Ceará: 148.8 sq-km
  • Amapá: 142.8 sq-km
  • Pernambuco: 98.3 sq-km
  • Santa Catarina: 95.3 sq-km
  • Paraíba: 56.4 sq-km
  • Rio Grande do Norte: 52.8 sq-km
  • Espírito Santo: 46.0 sq-km
  • Rio de Janeiro: 43.6 sq-km
  • Alagoas: 27.7 sq-km
  • Sergipe: 21.9 sq-km
  • Distrito Federal: 5.8 sq-km
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