Brazilians appreciate democracy Latinobarómetro stats

Brazilians don’t trust democracy, says Latinobarómetro. Photo: Vincent Bosson

Brazil is among the least trusting and most pessimistic of all Latin American countries, according to new research from non-profit Latinobarómetro. In the latest results from the firm’s annual research, which ranges from faith in democracy and political institutions to identifying one’s own social class and expectations for the coming year, Brazil emerged as home to one of the continent’s most cynical populations.

The Latinobarómetro’s approval rating was more generous to President Temer than was Datafolha, which recently locked in Temer’s presidency at 3 percent, with a 3 percentage-point margin of error. Latinobarómetro, meanwhile, placed Temer with a 6 percent approval rating. But this is still a drastic decline from 2016, when 22 percent of the Brazilian population said it approved of the current government head – although it’s worth noting that Latinobarómetro’s research saw Dilma’s popularity tumble from 56 percent to 29 percent from 2013 to 2014, as Brazil’s recession began to really hit the economy.

Out of all the countries in Latin America, Brazil had the lowest rates of satisfaction with current democracy. Just 32 percent of Brazilians agreed with the statement “democracy may have problems but it is the best system of government”.

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SocietyNov 08, 2017

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