Trumpeting a centrist message and his legacy, Lula officially launches presidential bid

"We did a lot, but it is possible to do a lot more," Lula announced, as he promised to strengthen environmental and education policies, invest in healthcare, and find solutions for the economy

In his speech, Lula mentioned the word “sovereignty” or “sovereign” 29 times. Photo: Aloisio Mauricio /Fotoarena/Folhapress

Over 11 years after leaving the presidency, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva took to the stage at a São Paulo convention center to formally launch his bid for a third term. Enjoying nearly universal name recognition and a strong base of support, Lula is taking his first official steps in what is set to be the most polarized election in democratic times – and is doing so with a considerable lead on his rival.

If elections were today, the 76-year-old center-left icon would deliver a resounding defeat to incumbent Jair Bolsonaro, all polls suggest. But elections are still five months away,...

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