Supreme Court threats land lawmaker nine years in jail

The Supreme Court sentenced Daniel Silveira to almost nine years in prison for threatening its members. But the case is just a proxy for a wider far-right battle against Brazil's Judiciary

Supreme Court threats land lawmaker nine years in jail
Congressman Daniel Silveira. Photo: Plínio Xavier/CD

Since entering electoral politics in 2018, 39-year-old former military police officer Daniel Silveira became an unlikely poster boy for Brazil’s deeply-cut political divisions. Footage of him tearing apart a commemorative plaque paying homage to Marielle Franco, a Rio de Janeiro city councilor murdered in 2018, became one of the most emblematic images of that election — a process that fractured Brazil beyond any other political conflict in democratic times.

Four years later, with another election less than six months away, Mr. Silveira has once again become the centerpiece of culture wars. By a 10-1 majority, the Supreme Court convicted...

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