Senators threaten Bolsonaro with a new hearings committee

The opposition claims to have gathered enough signatures to drag the government into a new congressional inquiry just months before the election

corruption hearings committee
Senator Randolfe Rodrigues pushed for the Covid hearings, and now wants to scrutinize dealings within the Education Ministry. Photo: Jefferson Rudy/SF/CC-BY 4.0

A year ago, Senator Randolfe Rodrigues of Amapá collected signatures in order to open a congressional hearings committee to investigate the Jair Bolsonaro administration’s pandemic response. His efforts led to a six-month investigation into the nuts and bolts of the government’s Covid policies, which resulted in 81 indictment requests – including accusations of crimes against humanity made against the president.

But the Covid hearings have ended up being a damp squib, with a pro-Bolsonaro prosecutor general sitting on the indictment requests and public opinion no longer caring about the scandals senators revealed. Now, Mr. Rodrigues wants to take a...

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