Pro-Bolsonaro fugitive risks turning supporters into accomplices

Far-right blogger Allan dos Santos has set up a website to gather donations in U.S. Dollars. But assisting a fugitive in any way is a crime in both Brazil and the U.S.

pro-bolsonaro blogger
Blogger Allan dos Santos is considered a fugitive at large and was included on Interpol’s red list. Photo: Twitter/Allan dos Santos

Brazil’s Supreme Court issued an arrest warrant last week for Allan dos Santos, one of the country’s most prominent far-right bloggers and a firm ally of President Jair Bolsonaro. He is accused of operating a highly profitable misinformation network on social media, suspected to involve donations of public money. Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes also noted that there is evidence Mr. Santos “colluded with people who had direct involvement in the [January 6] Capitol riots” in the U.S., suggesting he was plotting a similar attack on Brazilian soil.

Set to have his name included on Interpol’s red list,...

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