Documents show swathes of pro-Bolsonaro buses heading to São Paulo

The Brazilian Report obtained access to a document listing hundreds of buses bound for São Paulo to help President Bolsonaro make a show of strength on September 7

protests pro-bolsonaro brasilia sao paulo
Pro-Bolsonaro supporters during a demonstration in August. Photo: Isaac Fontana/Shutterstock

As Brazil’s Independence Day approaches, the country is awash with tension. On September 7, President Jair Bolsonaro is set to lead protests in Brasília and São Paulo, which many believe could be sizable and potentially violent. The president and his acolytes have barely disguised their vitriol towards democratic institutions, especially the Supreme Court. “We will bring our heart and souls to make it clear that it is the people who are supreme,” said Labor Minister Onyx Lorenzoni on Friday, during a conservative event in Brasília.

The Brazilian Report had access, through journalist and writer Daniela Abade, to a...

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