The checkered past of Luis Miranda, Brazil’s Covaxin whistleblower

Before becoming a key witness in the Senate's investigation into the government's pandemic response, Congressman Luis Miranda was best known as a YouTuber, promising get-rich-quick strategies to his thousands of followers

Wearing a bulletproof vest, Luis Miranda promised to “bring down the Republic.” Photo: Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress

“Anyone can have a Lamborghini, you just have to want it!”

“Imagine earning hundreds of thousands, without having to do anything!”

With phrases like these, uttered in front of luxury sports cars, yachts, and mansions — invariably in Miami — Luis Cláudio Fernando Miranda began his rise to moderate fame. Today, he is caught in the middle of a government scandal involving questionable purchases of the Indian-made Covaxin vaccine, but five years ago he was a lifestyle YouTuber.

Luis Miranda presented himself as a Brazilian immigrant who had achieved the American dream, four years after moving to the...

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