What’s in store for the 2021 policy agenda in Congress?

Once leadership elections are out of the way, lawmakers will turn their attention to approving the 2021 federal budget. Then, coronavirus-related bills are set to dominate the docket

congress leadership election
Senator Rodrigo Pacheco, the favorite to lead the Senate President for the next two years. Photo: Roque de Sá/AS/CN

Following today’s congressional leadership election, lawmakers will begin the 2021 legislative year on February 3 with several pressing issues on the agenda. The absolute first priority is to approve this year’s federal budget, delayed at the end of 2020 due to an impasse in the lower house. Once that is cleared up, Congress is set to analyze 30 provisional decrees issued by the Executive branch, including one which would extend the coronavirus emergency aid program. 

Elsewhere, lawmakers will continue debates initiated last year, such as those focusing on anti-racism legislation. And the result of today’s leadership election will play a...

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