After Donald Trump loss, Bolsonaro sidles up to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Jair Bolsonaro's 'masculine qualities' during the BRICS Summit, delighting Brazil's head of state

putin bolsonaro
Souvenir T-shirts with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin next to the slogan “We love Russia.” Photo: Diego Fiore/Shutterstock

One of the defining features of Jair Bolsonaro’s ascent to power in Brazil has been his open adoration for U.S. President Donald Trump. Along with his politician sons — principally has quasi ambassador to Washington, federal lawmaker Eduardo Bolsonaro — President Bolsonaro has frequently touted his albeit non-reciprocal relationship with Mr. Trump, and put his full weight behind his ally’s re-election bid earlier this year.

However, it has taken Donald Trump losing the election to Joe Biden for Mr. Bolsonaro to swap “Trump, I love you” — which he said to the U.S. head of state in person last...

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